Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Organizations

There are two kinds of organizations: artistic organizations that aim to put works into exhibitions and educational organizations that hold certification examinations and work on spreading the popularity of Shodo.

Artistic Organizations

The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (Nitten) http://www.nitten.or.jp/

The Yomiuri Shoho-kai http://event.yomiuri.co.jp/shohokai/

Mainichi Shodokai http://www.mainichishodo.org/index.php/

Educational Organizations

Zenkoku Shokyoken Renmei http://www.shokyoukenrenmei.com/index.html

Nihon Shuji Kyoiku Zaidan http://www.nihon-shuji.or.jp/

The Japan Society of Calligraphic Education http://www.nihonshodou.or.jp/

Shodo Educational Institutions


Nihon Shodo Senmon Gakko http://www.nss.ac.jp/

Nihon Shodo Geijutsu Senmon Gakko http://www.nihonshodou.ac.jp

Kansai Shodo Senmon Gakko http://www.kansho.ac.jp/

Tankai Calligraphy Culture Vocational School

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