I created this site in the hope that people from all over the world will learn
about Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)

What is calligraphy ?

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is the art of writing beautiful characters with ink on paper using a writing brush. It is not only possible to write beautiful characters but also to express their individual characteristics in the same way as a picture.

Almost all elementary schools in Japan hold Shodo classes and pupils learn how to write beautiful characters and, at the same time, to cultivate their powers of concentration. Many Japanese people enjoy calligraphy as a hobby but there are also those who aim to become  Shihan (masters) and those who strive to show their works at exhibitions. It is a Japanese cultural tradition that anyone from children to adults can learn easily.

Everyday Uses of Shodo

Many instances of  Shodo can be observed in our lives and as many Japanese people learn Shodo (Shuji: penmanship) when they are children, it is perhaps one of the most familiar elements of Japanese culture.

EInterior decoration

@EKakejiku (hanging scroll)@ in a Japanese-style room called a Tokonoma (elevated alcove).

@EFrame and hang in the same way as a picture in non-Japanese-style rooms such as the living room or the hall.
ENameplates, signs
ENengajo (New Year's greeting postcards), certificates
EGraves, other commercial logos

Kakejiku Frame

Nameplates, signs

New Year's greeting postcards




label of liquor

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